Yesterday I did a really charming photo-shoot on a local towing service

Good Morning, friends. This is Tom Veraska of Veraska Photo again, your friendly local photographer who has devoted his life to recording the day-to-day, utterly ‘prosaic and boring’ realities of north Denver. But it is in those dull and unexceptional realities, of course, as all of you who have been following me for so long know, that I see the great dramas and passions and wonders of life.

Today I’m writing to tell you about a photo-shoot I did yesterday on a local towing service here in north Denver. It’s a company you have probably never heard of before, but it’s a very important company, one that Denver couldn’t function without. It’s the Arvada Towing Service (


The Arvada Towing Service is a company that was started about twenty years ago by Sam Henry Callahan, a big strapping bear of a man who stands 6-foot-five and weighs in at least 250 pounds.

I first met Sam Henry about five years ago when my car broke down on I-70, between Wadsworth and Kipling.

I called the first towing service I could find on Google, and that was, as it turned out, the Arvada Towing Service.

The man who answered sounded kind of tough and gruff, but he was very fast on the take-up: he told me that he could get to me within a mere five or six minutes.

And he made it! From the time I hung up from talking to him to the time he arrived at my place along the side of the highway, was exactly 6 minutes.

I soon discovered that although big Sam Henry Callahan sounds very tough and gruff, he’s a really nice guy, a very kind and caring soul.

He had me hooked up an on the way to a garage in just a couple of minutes, and he also had me calmed-down and greatly de-stressed about my situation.

I resolved at that time that someday I would do a photo-shoot of his company, and yesterday I did it. If you would like to see the pictures, please fill out the Contact form on this blog.